Tuesday, September 24, 2019


Never done a post like this before, but guess there's always a first. The very first time that I'm sharing my journey to becoming who I am today. From a timid girl in high school to becoming the Best Fashion Blogger in Chandigarh.

Timid but very creative in art and always participated in co-curriculars. I wasn't a teacher's pet either but I remember 3 teachers who were really fond of me. I used to participate in art contests, inter-house declamations and sports and had also won a couple of times. Did also face partiality in school but got ahead of it later on. Additionally  I was always fascinated with fashion and trends since those days. When I was a little girl my mother always used to dress me up in the cutest of outfits, as I grew up I found my interest in reading all these fashion magazines along with novels. I'd get all starry eyed when I saw those big brands and colourful outfits in the published issues. In our summer vacations I'd go to visit my aunt and would read books and fashion magazines from the collection of my loving older cousin sister. Flipping through the pages I'd think even then that I would one day get myself all of this, little did I knew what future held for me.

My father and I went through a very hard time when I lost my mother in 2008. As the only daughter, I didn't know what to do or which direction to follow. My mother had  taught me a lot of things about life at a young age as if she knew this would happen. I still remember all of that vividly. She was a fashionista of her times, no wonder!! I used to see her pictures and remember her carrying herself so well. She was my FIRST fashion icon truly!
During that time, I found a bit of solace in the new found world of internet. I was introduced to Youtube where I'd watch these beautiful girls doing their makeup, giving a room tour, a closet tour and showing off their style sense in different ways, I was awestruck!! The first ever fashion blog I read was of Dulce Candy . I'd binge watched her videos and read all those articles online. Back then I had absolutely no idea as to what a Blog was or what a Blogger is. I came across a lot of such blogs with time and would read all of them and save their outfit pictures to the gallery on my computer because I loved them so much.

Time went by as I was growing up, it was in 2013 when my father gifted me a smart phone and I discovered this new application called INSTAGRAM. My first ever post was a shot of these two rings- one from my mother and another one from my maasi (mother's sister). If you dig down my profile on Instagram, you'd still find it. Whenever I posted my own picture, I made sure that I'd hashtag the brands I wore because as far as I remember '@' wasn't a thing back then. I can be wrong but this is just what I was doing, so my captions would go like, "#zaratop #mangojeans" for an example because I was so inspired by these wonderful women and as we shared our love for fashion, I was following their footsteps. 

A year later, I came across Aayushi Bangur and Masoom Minawala's Instagram handles. You can't assume how excited I was to discover them because I saw them doing the SAME thing as Dulce Candy but in MY country, INDIA!! I was 19 and that was the moment I got acquainted with the new world of Fashion Blogging in India. I mean, that time I got to know that okay this is a website, its called a blog and how its done BUT now I saw people from my country doing it, otherwise it was just a foreign thing to me.

One fine day in back in 2015, I decided to take a step and start my journey as a "blogger". Those days, it was still a new field and not many people knew about it. It was getting bigger with time in the cities like Mumbai and Delhi but my city, Chandigarh was still new to the concept. I didn't know if it would even pay me sooner or later, I just began solely for my love of fashion. So I kicked it off, I would take pictures of my outfits and post them on my blog, I would also do little product reviews back then and I used to call them "Super Reviews". Because Instagram was new, I gained followers pretty easily and in no time my content and posts got me to reach 14,000 followers. And the same year, my account was hacked. I was so heartbroken, I had put in so much effort to maintain a profile. 4 days went by, I had made a new Instagram which got me 1,000 in no time because of my previous following but I never gave up. I wrote numerous mails to Instagram about my account being hacked and that I wanted it back. On the 5th day, I got a revert from Instagram with guidelines to reactivate my account. I followed them all and boom! There was it, @rubysupergirl was BACK! 

My father was really skeptical at first as to what I was doing. This was a field that no one had ever heard of and it was very normal for him to be curious about his only daughter. Then came my first event, which was a store launch of the brand, Juicy Couture in my city. So I sat down with my father and tried to explain why I was supposed to be at the event, and being supportive but also curious, he dropped me to the event and later on I made him read the blog post I did as a deliverable for the brand. As a reaction, he was surprised but still confused till I got my first payment through this job that I had chosen for myself. He was so proud and happy and now completely aware of the blogging scenario. If you ask him now, he'd give you all the details about this field proudly.

In my journey, I've been through all kinds of highs and lows emotionally and work-wise but nonetheless I always tried to keep my spirits high. Till date, I've had the opportunity to work with tremendous global brands like Christian Dior, Steve Madden, Ford, Renault, Promod, Kiehl's to name a few. Now, I've expanded my blog to traveling and I've been to Indian cities, states and International destinations for exploration. Exploring destinations and getting to know about different places and cultures and lifestyle has always intrigued me and I hope life gives me more of such opportunities to travel and discover beyond. It gives me immense happiness and I've worked consistently and so hard for my job that I totally love. I might not have a humongous following like others but I know this is the beginning to something greater and I'd put in all my efforts to reach my goals.

Cut to 2019, when I look back in time I see how far I've come and how much I've evolved as an individual. I won this prestigious title at the TLJ Blogger's and Social Media Awards, still feels surreal becoming the first "Best Fashion Blogger" from my city. I'd forever be thankful to The Lifestyle Journalist magazine and Mr. Ankur Vadhera for giving me and the blogging community as a whole, a platform and recognition in Chandigarh and in the country. 

I would forever be grateful for this moment and would always look back at this with immense gratitude in my heart. I'm sure there's a lot more to come and I have a promise to myself and to every single person who writes in about being inspired by me in even the littlest way, I'd never stop doing what I love and I'd always push myself to the boundaries to achieve more.

I read somewhere, 

" Don't be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be lead by the dreams in your heart."

-Rubby Singh

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

10 Things to do in SINGAPORE

Singapore is one of the smallest countries in the world you can visit but don’t let that fool you for a second, it’s also one pretty exciting place, especially if you’re visiting Singapore for the first time. On the surface of it, Singapore seems like just a shiny collection of high-rise apartment and corporate buildings but once you get past that, you get a sense of how truly exciting Singapore is and why you need to visit (or indeed, return) very soon.

It was my first visit to the beautiful country and I had done all of my researches beforehand. One of the biggest and most important travelling tip that I might extend out would be to read and read more about the place you’re visiting and calculate your budget. 

One thing you’ll notice when visiting Singapore is how much more expensive it is compared with other areas in Asia.
This city-state apparently has the most millionaires in the world so perhaps this isn’t much of a surprise but Singapore easily outranks renowned expensive cities like London and New York when it comes to prices.

Most first-time visitors, like myself would notice its cutting edge architecture. How can you not? Iconic structures like Marina Bay Sands, the Supertrees of Gardens by the Bay, the Durian, and the ArtScience Museum were designed to grab your attention.

Lets shed some light upon the most prominent tourist attractions and what can you do in this beautiful land of Singapore:

1. Gardens by the Bay
There is a reason why Gardens by the Bay tops my list! The amount of detail and time that went into creating this garden is astounding. It is the most popular attraction and it isn’t hard to understand why. This place is mind-blowing and unlike anything we’ve ever seen. It’s home to the iconic Supertrees and two amazing conservatories — Cloud Forest and Flower Dome. If you have time for just one attraction in Singapore, then this should be it. Just google this for me and let it speak for itself.

Cloud Forest: 
Replicating tropical mountain regions and moist conditions, the Cloud Forest launches you high above sea-level and takes you on a journey all the way back down. The conservatory is a place where you can find the world's tallest indoor waterfall standing at 35 metres tall. The Cloud Forest also offers a very interesting perspective on what might happen to different types of gardens in the future and the way that we might destroy our living environments.

Flower Dome: 
It is the largest greenhouse in the world made from glass. The big dome is filled with unique exotic colourful plants and trees from all over the world-everywhere you look, there is a type of plant you haven't seen before. The temperature inside the dome is nice and cool, ranging from 23 degree Celsius to 25 degree Celsius.

Supertree Grove:
The Supertrees add life and ambiance to Singapore. Standing at 50 metres tall, just like a 16 storey building, they deservingly boast to be the most photographed structures in Singapore. They are truly so majestic that you'll have to see it for yourself to believe it. At night you can see the trees glowing, free light shows start at around 7.45 PM and 8.45 PM (PLEASE DONOT MISS IT). The entry to the Supertree Grove and watching the incredible light show is free of cost as they stand in the open and not obstructed. However, if you wish to have an absolute tremendous view from the top, you can pay for an OCBC Skywalk ticket for SG$8 and walk along the highest structures and I would totally recommend doing that.
TIP: Keep an evening free to visit the Gardens by the Bay, start exploring the Cloud Forest and Flower Dome at around 4 PM and move towards the Supergrove Trees by 7 PM. This way you'll have beautiful day-time pictures of all the three attractions and whenever the light show starts, you'd be there on time when the sun goes down. Thank me later!

2. Universal Studios
Universal Studios needs no introduction. Located on Sentosa Island, this popular theme park is home to exhilarating rides like The Mummy, Jurassic Park and Transformers. If you’re traveling with kids, then you’ll probably want to allocate a day here. Otherwise, you’ll never hear the end of it.
As popular as Universal Studios is, it’s hardly the only attraction at Sentosa. Sentosa is an entire island dedicated to fun so it’s home to many other attractions as well like 4D theatres, the Trick Eye Museum, action parks, S.E.A. Aquarium, water sport facilities, golf courses, and beaches. There are plenty of hotels and restaurants on the island as well. Universal Studios will take up an entire day so you may want to reserve another day to explore the rest of the island.

3. Orchard Road
Any brand, you name it, you’d find it at this tremendous fashion district. Orchard Road is a 2.2 kilometre-long major road in the Central Area of Singapore. Often known colloquially as Orchard, the area is a major shopping belt and tourist attraction. Spanning almost 2.2 km, Orchard Road is more famous as a swanky, tree-lined one-way boulevard flanked by distinctive shopping malls and hotels.The shopping belt comprises nearly 800,000 sq m of shops and restaurants and promises to please any taste or budget with its iconic malls which boast the full works - from opulent brands to high street fashion, and from exclusive restaurants to fast food joints.It is a Great Street to shop, dine, stay, play, work, and live.

4. Merlion Park
We all have heard and read a lot about the iconic landmark of Singapore, The Merlion. To my surprise I didn’t really read a lot about the River boat cruise that starts and ends here. I'd talk about it in a minute.
The majestic Merlion spouting water from its mouth stands tall at 8.6 metres. To be honest, I expected it to be a much more taller anyhow, that certainly does not affect the beauty of this sculpture. It's a long walk-along the Singapore river with a Starbucks and other restaurants for you to spend time at, to chill and to admire your beautiful surroundings.

5. River Boat Ride
I was pretty adamant that I had to hop on one of these boats to take a round trip of the Singapore River. You buy a boat ticket from the Merlion Park and the boat takes you along the river while you witness an incredible light laser and water fountain show by the Marina Bay sands and get to watch all of the astounding architecture around. I would highly suggest you to start this ride when the sun goes down so that you could enjoy the night time city lights just like I did. This was one of the best and most memorable experiences from my trip I would forever cherish!

Clarke Quay 
You can either hop off your boat here or can choose to find your way here via cab.
From iconic dance clubs to live music venues and rooftop bars, this ultimate guide to drinking and partying in both Clarke Quay and Boat Quay is a must-have for anyone looking to have a boozy good time in the city. 

6. Charles & Keith!!
Charles & Keith is a Singapore brand hence, you'd find the items at an astonishingly low prices!! If you're fond of good quality shoes, bags or accessories like myself, this is a must stop for budget shopping while everything in Singapore is comparatively expensive. There was already a mid-year sale happening, I got myself an amazing deal on a pair of stunning shoes. You'll notice the price differences when you actually shop here!

7.Bugi's Street
If you're fascinated by finding great street finds, Bugi's Street is your place to be. It's a world famous flee market, where you'd find all sorts of clothing including souvenirs and Singapore t-shirts. Upon visiting I discovered that it is not really cheap for a flee market and bargaining certainly didn't work here. When I explored, I came to a conclusion that a mall named Lucky Plaza at Orchard Road houses almost all of the same clothing articles available at Bugi's Street and at rock bottom prices comparatively. So a tip from my end would be, to stop at Lucky Plaza for street picks and affordable fashion rather than spending more for the same articles on Bugi's Street. Thank me later!! 

8.Chinatown, Little India, Arab street
The modern Singapore is not only known for its economic success, the impressive skyscrapers and shopping-malls, but it also shows its traditional roots in the city quarters Little India, Chinatown and Arab Street. Once released for demolition, the city quarters with their historical buildings and shophouses offer a compensation to the skyscrapers in the Central Business District and provide a cozy atmosphere.
They invite for rambling, eating and drinking and specially for getting introduced into the different cultures. The exploration of the city quarters definitely belongs to the highlights of Singapore, as one can practically dive every day into completely different worlds.
They are all within 5min or so of each other by MRT or Taxi. 2 days are more than enough to see all 4 areas. In terms of size China town> Little India> Arab Area> Bugis. Little India, Bugis and Arab areas are very close/almost merge into each other. Depending on how much walking and heat you can handle, you might want to spend not more than a half day at a time exporing these areas on foot. All of the places are picturesque and you'd find good affordable food joints here.

9.Singapore Skyline
It makes sense that Singapore makes the list of the most futuristic cities in the world, comparing itself to cities such as Dubai and Hong Kong – as it is reminiscent of imaginative cities in dystopian sci-fi movies. I'm leaving a link for you to find places where you could easily enjoy the infamous Singapore skyline. Click HERE to discover and read about all the places. The views are too good to be true.

10. Jewel Changi Airport
I finished off my trip at the Changi Airport, of course. And I cannot put into words how truly amazing it was! You have to see it for yourself to believe it. I would definitely go back to Singapore the next chance I get for there’s never enough you could ever get from it. If you're lucky enough, you'd find a group of cute Pikachus twirling around!!

I hope this information be of any help when visiting the beautiful Singapore, see you soon! x

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Around Phuket, Thailand in a WEEK.

Work. Travel. Repeat has been my mantra for 2019.

I had been longing for a vacation since a very long time and visiting Thailand for that 'much needed break' was the best decision. It was a week long staycation far away from the hustle and bustle. I was much aware of the paradise I was heading to, until I actually saw it for myself.

For me, travelling to a destination is not merely just about partying, shopping or chilling. To me, its about exploration, knowing new people, learning about their culture and gathering as much of memories as I can. 

I decided to stay in Phuket which is a beautiful city in Thailand. Fortunately the resort I was staying at was connected to a shopping mall where my friends and I would hang out after a long touristy day. There were small pop-ups for tourists like me which offered various tours in and around the city. We booked two of the tours- The Islands Tour and The City Tour. I would highly recommend booking these tour packages to anyone visiting Phuket, the guides are very friendly and helpful throughout.

Old Phuket Town

Rasta Café, Old Phuket

The next day, we began with our first tour to the islands- they took us on a luxury speed boat to 4 islands in a day. The most beautiful was Phi Phi Islands of course. They stopped at the island and trained us for snorkeling which was an experience in itself. To swim freely in the ocean was one things I struck off of my bucket list on this vacation. At another stop, we jumped off our boat into the shallow side of the sea. Sounds exciting right?! It sure was!! It took us almost 10 hours to explore all of the 4 islands, we even witnessed the sun setting over the sea and it was such an overwhelming experience.

The Millennium Resort, Patong
The next day, we had signed up for a city tour where they took us to the famous temples and old Phuket town. We visited the Big Buddha Temple and Chalong Temple which are the most important Buddhist Temples. Amazing architecture and beautiful colours, it was a total scenic beauty. From The Big Buddha Temple we could see the city and sea all clear. My next stop was Old Phuket Town- which was an another world in itself. Vintage cafés, clear short roads, old-school boutiques, we could find everything there! 

Wat Chalong Temple

Throughout my journey, I met a few people from different countries and cultures and it was so fascinating to get to know them and about their stories. It was truly an experience for my lifetime and I would always cherish it.

Let's talk about some more information that I feel might help you if you're planing a visit soon.

Full Moon Brewery 

How to reach the destination?

Phuket is well connected to most major cities around the world. Mine was a direct flight from New Delhi. Phuket is a short flight away from Bangkok if you're visiting that as well and the airport is really well-equipped. You will find everything from wifi to snack bars here and tempting duty free shops. Visa for Thailand can be obtained on arrival at Bangkok, Phuket or Koh Samui airport. The time I visited, the Visa on arrival was free of cost otherwise it would usually cost you around 2,000 Thai Baht.

Phi Phi Island

What to pack?

Pack all of your light fashionable clothes for them photos but don't go overweight, haha! It's usually hot all of the time but a little pleasant in the evening comparatively. Pack your bikinis, swimsuits and shorts for the beautiful beaches and easy-flow dresses for the city exploration. Most importantly you will need clothes that cover your knees and elbows in order to visit some of the magnificent Thai temples in Phuket. 

The Big Buddha Temple

You would find such bunches of metal leaves hanging at the Big Buddha Temple. People from all over the world visit the shrine and write their wishes on this piece in all different languages, totally fascinating!

Where to stay in Phuket?

I chose to stay at The Millennium and I'll tell you why it was the perfect choice. The resort is adjoined to a shopping mall and another mall which is almost 50 steps away! Also, to the night food market and club walk through. 
Patong Beach, Jungceylon Shopping Centre, 7 Eleven (departmental store) and Royal Paradise Night Market are just a 5-minute walk away from this beautiful resort.
I was so happy to have been associated with them for this travel story, the staff was truly helpful and they do have an Indian food menu at their restaurant so it gets really convenient for Indian travellers who'd prefer this cuisine instead of the Thai food.


More to do:

  • The Night Market nearby is a lively street packed with shops, restaurants, and cafés. It comes alive in the evening and is the ideal place to grab a drink or two. It is also home to a couple of nice eateries including Joe's Downstairs etc. But both eateries and shops here tend to be overpriced for what they offer. If you’re hungry and have a car or scooter on you, we’d suggest driving just outside by Patong Beach for much more reasonable and tastier options.  
  • Of course you cannot leave Phuket without visiting some of its stunning temples. There are dozens of temples – small and big – but I highly suggest visiting the incredible Big Buddha and the expansive Was Chalong. Both temples are about 30 minutes to each other and it is easy to spend half a day just admiring the intricate architecture, swooning over the colourful details, and photographing the huge murals.
  • You have to visit Old Phuket town!! You'll find such amazing cafés and restaurants and boutiques, you name it!! Plus, it's so beautiful and vintage that you'd never wanna leave. The buildings are painted in pastel shades and bright tones which is a scenic architecture view in itself.
  • If you plan on visiting the shopping malls, Central Patong mall, Central Phuket mall and The King's are your best options. You can hop onto this free shuttle ride from one Central mall to another, now isn't this amazing?!
  • You can cover almost all of the Phuket islands in 2 days if you have time on your hand. Book these tours and you're sorted!!

That's pretty much all! Everything you need to know to plan an epic trip to Phuket. If you have any questions and I'll try and help you out, reach out to me on my Instagram @RubySupergirl